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If you are currently insured you are likely spending more than is necessary. If you are uninsured, you are risking your well-being and your financial security.

It is difficult to justify the high-cost of health insurance. Premiums have risen to a level that make them prohibitive for most people. However, one major medical event can easily bankrupt an individual. The cost of major medical care is unbelievably high (NCPA 2000 data shows an average total cost for a hospitalized person who did not have a major operation to be $12,631). The need for insurance that covers hosptilization and associated major medical care is a necessity for everyone.

Vinclair has developed the analytical tools to enable a person to quantify their healthcare needs. This service is called euCare Reports.

When considering your insurance needs carefully evaluate key insurance benefits. See below:

  • What is the maximum out-of-pocket costs I can handle? ( $3000 - $10,000)
  • Do I need to have maternity benefits now?
  • What insurance does my current doctor accept?
  • Do I really need insurance for Brand Drugs?
  • If something major happens do I want quick access to the best doctor in my area?

euCare Reports

The euCare Report takes into consideration your use of health care (office visits, Rx charges, hospital, suregery) and compares traditional HMO/PPO coverage to high-deductible coverage from most of the major carriers in California. (i.e. Blue Cross, Aetna, PacifiCare, Health Net or Blue Shield). The euCare Report will clearly show you which plan offers the best coverage at the least amount of cost. The California carriers offer PPO plans with a low enough premium that make high-deductible insurance a logical choice.

euCare Analysis

Vinclair specializes in helping our clients to determine how this healthcare approach benefits them. This service is no-cost to current or prospective clients.

To receive your own euCare Report, please complete the euCare Information Sheet.

We look forward assisting you in selecting the best health plan.


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