213(d) Eligible Expenses

The following is a summary of medical expenses that are eligible for MSA and HSA reimbursement. For more information, please refer to IRS publication 502. You can order a copy of publication 502 by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676).
Medical services fees (from doctors, dentists, chiro. surgeons,specialists, and other medical practitioners) Prescription medicines (those requiring a prescription by a doctor for their use by an individual) and insulin
Oxygen equipment and oxygen Expenses of an organ donor
Meals and lodging provided by a hospital during medical treatment Transportation for needed medical care (see Publication 502)
Wages for nursing services (see Publication 502) Legal operation to prevent having children
Hospital services fees (lab work, therapy, nursing services, surgery, etc.) Special school or home for mentally or physically disabled persons (see Publication 502)
Treatment at a drug or alcohol center (includes meals and lodging provided by the center) Cost of lead-based paint removal (see Publication 502)
Cost and care of guide dogs or other animals aiding the blind, deaf, and disabled Social Security tax for worker-provided medical care (see Publication 926)

Quick Reference (eligible)

Acupuncture Diagnostic Fees Obstetrician Prescription Medicine
Artificial Limbs Eyeglasses Operating Room Costs Psychiatric Care
Artificial Teeth Guide Dog Operations Psychoanalysis
Birth Control Hearing Aids Ophthalmologist Psychologist
Braces Hospital Service Optician Sterilization
Braille Insulin Optometrist Transplants
Books/Mag. Treatments Orthopedist Vaccines
Blood Transfusions Laboratory Fees Osteopath Vasectomy
Cardiographs Learning Oxygen Wheelchair
Chiropractors Disability Pediatrician X-Ray
Contact Lenses Medicine Physician
Crutches Services Physiotherapist
Dental Treatment Neurologist Podiatrist
Dentures Nursing Home Postnatal Treatment
Dermatologist Nursing Services Prenatal Care













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