Don't Get Caught Uninsured.

Why should you have health care coverage? Two huge reasons:

  • Your Physical Health
  • Your Financial Health

Your financial welfare shouldn’t be your first concern when needing treatment for an accident or illness. But without a health plan to provide care and control your costs, your’re risking more than your physical health by delaying care; you’re risking your financial future.

You might be in good health, lead an active life, even exercise and eat right. But even the fittest individuals sometimes face unexpected medical situations. And then could be faced with crushing financial obligations and expenses. Consider the average:

  • Cost of one day in the hospital: $14,000+
  • Cost of one basic physician office visit: $120
  • Cost of lab tests: $150

One way or the other, you will ultimately be responsible for the doctor and hospital bills. This could mean years of payments. Are you prepared to surrender your home, car, vacations and other lifestyle comforts you take for granted? Without health coverage, you may recover physically, but you may devastate you financial well-being.

Thinking you would rather save those monthly premiums and put the money towards a savings account or other investments? After all why pay for something you may not need, right? Let’s say you save $20,000 in premium payments over 10 years; all of this could be wiped out by one accident or hospital stay.

Common Reasons for Not having Health Coverage

  1. I can't afford it.
    Can you afford to be without this protection? One emergency room visit may cost you thousands of dollars for basic care. You may heal physically, but you may suffer financially long into the future. Your costs will be substantially lower if you have some type of healthcare coverage.
  2. I would rather save my money than pay for something I may never need.
    All it takes is one accident or illness to wipe out years of savings. All the money you can save in 10 years might pay for only a fraction of your medical coverage.
  3. It's too confusing.
    There are a lot of decisions to make, but Vinclair Insurance Services staff is there to eliminate confusion.
  4. It takes too long to complete the application.
    Vinclair can help you fill out your simplified application in just a few minutes.
  5. I don't need health coverage now.
    Health coverage is similar to car insurance: you are paying a premium to protect yourself from the unexpected accident or illness. You pay a little at a time to protect yourself from the possibility of larger bills later. Unfortunately, once you need medical protection, you will not be able to get it, or you may be charged a substantially higher premium for high-risk preexisting conditions.
  6. I have medical problems and don't think I can qualify for medical coverage.
    Even with some preexisting medical conditions, a wide variety of plans are available that will most likely meet your needs.

How to Choose a Health Plan That Is Right for You

Q: How much coverage should I buy?
A: Consider your past health care needs and medical expense experience. For some, it's important to have coverage only in the event of a serious illness or emergency. During the time you have not had a medical plan, what events occurred that required medical care, but care was not provided because o lack of coverage? You should also consider how much of your own money you would be prepared to pay toward possible medical bills.

Q: Why are there so many plans?
A: Multiple plans are offered so you only pay for a level of coverage you want. Some people who are prepared to use their own money for routine or small bills only need catastrophic coverage. Others may want a medical plan to cover common doctor's visits and maternity benefits.

Q: How do I know exactly what the plan covers?
A: Vinclair can help can explain the types of coverage available. In addition, be sure to read the plan brochures.

Q: Are all health carriers the same?
A: No. you should only consider a health care company with an established, long-term commitment to delivering quality health care coverage.

So what do you do now?

You now realize the physical and financial risks of being without medical coverage, and you know how easy it is to get a quality health plan. Let us help you — start with a euCare Analysis







You may qualify for a special healthcare plan that gives both a high-deductible health plan for the big bills and a Medical Savings Account for the small bills and long-term savings. As us for a euCare Report analysis.








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