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Employer notification documents.

Below are the file download links for the official Department of Labor notification letter and one FAQ we prepared to help explain the information in the letter:

1) Click here for the Department of Labor notification letter for your employees.

2) Click here for the FAQ document Vinclair prepared to help make all of this understandable!

Distribution reminders:

Here is who must receive this notice: ALL Full-time, part-time, and seasonal - whether or not they are eligible for or currently enrolled on the employer-sponsored plan.

New hires (full-time and part-time) should receive a notice within 14 days of hire date. ( So all future new hires!)

Acceptable distribution methods:

  • Hand-delivery
  • First class mail
  • Electronically (in a means that meets the DOL safe harbor electronic disclosure criteria as outlined in Technical Release 2011-03R; The translation is you can only email those employees who have access to computers and use them in their job function.






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